MSM Football Academy
in Prague

Do you dream of a professional football career? Or just can't imagine your life without football?

Especially for you, the International Youth Union, together with the MSM Football Academy, has developed a unique program that will help you prepare to enter the leading universities of the Czech Republic and, most importantly, become a successful football player!

About the academy

The MSM International Football Academy was founded in 2011 and is a unique academy of its kind in the Czech Republic, as well as throughout Europe! Every year we carry out special programs for young players, which include intensive football training, matches, tournaments, as well as classes in English and Czech. Our programs are developed jointly with the Czech Football Federation and FC Sparta Prague, FC Slavia Prague, FC Admira Prague. Also among our partners are football federations of Prague, Moscow and Kiev, as well as the world famous Nike company, the world-wide network of fitness centers «WorldClass», Czech car dealers «Jaguar» and «Land Rover».

Our mission

The main mission of the International Football Academy in Prague is to increase the popularity of football among young people, to provide high quality education and training, to provide the best conditions for everyone who wants to gain experience and learn the culture of football in the beautiful city of Prague. We are an organization that helps all those who care about football to learn, develop, compete, win and play in new conditions, and most importantly achieve their goals. We invite everyone, regardless of age, gender, origin and experience, to join us - We are the MSM International Football Academy in Prague.

Promo-video of the academy

When asked why you should come to our International Football Academy, MSM will be answered by our promotional video from the summer program!

Summer football camp

The unique monthly program includes intensive football training and English classes. Matches and training alternate with active cultural and educational programs. Training is conducted under the guidance of professional trainers, with the possibility of using the club’s infrastructure. Scouts of FC Sparta Prague will actively observe football training throughout the program, and the best players who have shown outstanding results can be invited to further cooperation with FC Sparta Prague, or FC Slavia Sparta, or FC Admira Prague.

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The International Youth Union, together with the MSM Football Academy, has developed a unique annual program for young players who want to prepare and enter the leading universities of the Czech Republic, and also, most importantly, plan to become successful football players in Europe and play at the highest level. The annual program is structured in such a way that football training on the base SC SPARTA PRAGUE is combined with the study of Czech and English at CZU State University. Upon successful completion of the educational program, its graduates enter the leading universities of Europe, and successful athletes will be able to sign contracts with leading clubs in the Czech Republic and Europe.

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Mykhailo Starostiak, head coach of MSM Football Academy

Mykhailo Starostiak is a well-known professional football player, coach, ambassador of the humanitarian organization UNICEF and simply a good person! He was awarded by the president of Ukraine for a significant contribution to the development of sports and physical culture of the state. He played in the national team of Ukraine, the champion of Ukraine in the composition of FC Shakhtar Donetsk, the winner of the cup of Ukraine in the composition of FC Shakhtar Donetsk, was the coach of FC Shakhtar Donetsk in the age categories U-17, U-19, U-21, and now with such invaluable experience preparing young football players become professionals in Prague!

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MSM Academy’s Advantages

European football standards - training using the infrastructure of SK Sparta Prague

FC Sparta is a leading Czech football club, a multiple Czech champion and a regular participant in European competitions. This is a significant difference from similar football camps in England and Spain, where training takes place on unprofessional sites and without proper equipment.

Football trials opportunity

The presence of European breeders and coaches at our Academy gives a unique chance for participants to be noticed and in the future get the opportunity to go through football shows in clubs in Prague and the Czech Republic and begin a professional career in a European football club.

Professional football training sessions

Our trainers are professionals with top-level experience in football. Therefore, much attention is paid to the development of coordination, a set of exercises to improve jumping qualities, endurance, issues of motivation and moral training.

Perfectly balanced training sessions

Thoughtful training allows you to give a balanced load, but at the same time not harm the young body. Particular attention is paid to safety, so the players feel more confident and can maneuver on the field between opponents.

Opportunity of getting higher education in Europe

Intensive training and games are combined with the study of Czech and English at the state university in Prague - ČZU. Upon successful completion of the educational program, its graduates enter the leading universities of the Czech Republic on a budgetary basis.

Wide culture and activities program

Living in Prague, in the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic, gives all the advantages of living in a large, vibrant, creative, youth, famous, cultural and historical city of Europe. Our curators will take care of leisure.

MSM International Football Academy – your chance to start a football career in Europe.

Submit your application and get your ticket to professional football!

Football teams training camp

Football teams training camp

MSM International Football Academy offers pre-season training for teams for professional teams as well as for amateur and university teams. In addition to training, we offer the opportunity to play friendly matches with the local teams of Prague in terms of their level, to participate in tournaments. For relaxation after training, a whole range of procedures is offered - fitness, a jacuzzi, a sauna. And do not forget about the intellectual development of athletes. Fees in the Czech Republic will provide you with an amazing opportunity in your free time to visit historical places and see the architectural creations of the country.

Your chance

The International Football Academy MSM provides a unique chance for those who are truly talented and professional, those who cannot imagine their life without football, who play two heads taller than their peers, and who are also drawn to knowledge, to win an annual grant for free training in the Czech Republic and Professional training at the Czech club in Prague. Come to the MSM summer football camp in the Czech Republic, prove yourself in a month of training and games, prove that you are the best! And who knows, maybe you will prove to be that happy owner of a treasured ticket to the fascinating life of big football and education in Europe!


Look at our footballers! They have already become part of European football and have gained invaluable experience! We are sure that having arrived in Prague, you will not regret it!

MSM Tennis Academy

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MSM Fitness Academy

The focus of the MSM Fitness Academy and summer course is to improve physical health and strengthen strength of mind. Learn to properly follow the figure, eat, breathe, tighten the English language and just have a great time.