MSM Football Academy
in Prague

Dreaming about a professional career in football? Or just cannot imagine your life without football?

The International Union of Youth in collaboration with MSM Football Academy has set up a unique program that helps young football players to become successful-football professionals.

About the academy

MSM International Football Academy was established in 2011 and is a unique organization in the Czech Republic and Europe in terms of its services. Every year we conduct programs intended for young football players that consist of football training sessions and friendly matches and tournaments, as well as English language classes. Our programs are developed in cooperation with the Football Federation of the Czech Republic, SC Sparta Prague, FC Slavia Prague, and FC Admira Prague. Our partner list also includes the Football Federations of Prague, Moscow and Kiev, as well as the world famous brand Nike, fitness-center chain Xplore Fitness, Czech Jaguar and Land Rover representatives.

Our mission

The main goal of the International Football Academy in Prague is to make football more popular among the young, guarantee a high-quality education and training process, and provide all the players wishing to gain European football experience with the best resources in Prague. Our company helps everybody, who is in love with football, to learn, develop, compete and succeed and more important, achieve the goals. We invite everyone regardless of age, gender, nationality and experience to join MSM International Football Academy in Prague.

Promo-video of the academy

To answer a question why you should come to MSM International Football Academy will help our summer program promo-video!

Summer football camp

A unique 1-month program includes football training sessions and English language classes. Matches and training sessions are followed by educational program and exciting activities. Training sessions are carried out by professional coaches with an opportunity of using the football club’s equipment. SC Sparta Prague scouts examine players during the trainings, and the best players are often offered cooperation with the FC Sparta Prague, FC Slavia Prague or FC Admira Prague.

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International Union of Youth in collaboration with MSM Football Academy developed a unique 1-year program for young players, who want to enter leading Czech universities and become successful professionals in European football. The 1-year program combines football training sessions at FC Admira Prague (FC Slavia Prague farm-club) with English and Czech language classes at state Czech University of Life Science. After finishing the program, graduates enter the leading European universities. Moreover, successful players get an opportunity to sign professional contracts with leading Czech and European football clubs

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football skills
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MSM Academy’s Advantages

European football standards – training sessions with the usage of SC Sparta Prague facilities

FC Sparta Prague is a leading Czech football club, multiple Synot League winner and a constant European football cups member. This is a significant difference compared with similar football camps in England or Spain, where football training sessions are carried out in unprofessional facilities.

Football trials opportunity

European scouts in cooperation with our coaches observe all the players during their training sessions and matches. The best players can be offered a trial in Prague and Czech football clubs in order to start their professional football career in Europe.

Professional football training sessions

Highly-qualified coaches prepare balanced training sessions for our players. They focus on the main aspects, such as players’ coordination, stamina and football philosophy.

Perfectly balanced training sessions

Perfectly balanced training sessions prevent young players from becoming over exhausted. Particular attention is paid to safety, so the players feel more confident and can slalom between the opponents on the pitch.

Opportunity of getting higher education in Europe

Intensive football training sessions and matches are combined with English and Czech languages classes at state university CULS. After finishing the program, graduates enter the leading Czech state universities.

Wide culture and activities program

Staying in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic and its biggest city, gives an opportunity to explore historic places and rich architecture. Our counsellors will take care of this.

MSM International Football Academy – your chance to start a football career in Europe.

Submit your application and get your ticket to professional football!

Football teams training camp

Football teams training camp

MSM International Football Academy offers pre-season training camps to professional football teams, university and amateur teams. Besides training sessions, we organize friendly matches with local teams and tournaments. High-quality food helps players to keep fit during the training period. Sauna and massage rooms are also available. As well as this, players will have different trips and guided tours during their free time.

Your chance

MSM International Football Academy offers a unique chance to talented professionals to win a grant – a 1-year language studying program. The program consists of training sessions and matches with professional football club Admira Prague, and also consists of language studies. Come to our summer football camp, do your best at matches and trainings, and prove you are the best! And who knows, maybe you can become the winner of this project and get higher education in Europe!


We offer you to take a look at our football players! They’ve already become a part of European football. Come to Prague and you will not regret about it!

MSM Tennis Academy

The main idea of the MSM Tennis Academy is intensive tennis training sessions with professional coaches and the best facilities and English language classes.

MSM Fitness Academy

MSM Fitness Academy focuses on how to keep fit and what types of physical exercises and nutrition plans are suitable for you. You will learn English and have a great time.