Annual Football Academy. Friendly match. MSM – FC Admira Prague U-19

On March 19 MSM Football Academy played a friendly match vs FC Admira Prague U-19. It was a rival game for our team as we had lost to Admira few months ago.

Since the first minutes it was clear that the match would be tough. And in the middle of the first half the ice broke up. After the cross by Emin Paizullaev, the rival’s goalkeeper was disoriented by the floc and the ball crossed the net.

During the half-time a few substitutes were made in FC Admira’s squad. However, our players were better that match. As a result, in the 75th minute Andrii Ponomarenko scored the second goal for our team.

At the end of the match Admira scored one goal and the final score was 2-1 for MSM.

Congratulations to our players with a great rematch!