Today almost any university has it’s own football team and this is the reason to train before the game.

Based on their past experience, representatives of European clubs are certain that summer is the best time to train for the upcoming season. This is the best time to organize a training camp for young players.

Warm and sunny weather helps the players to get rid of stress and puts them in a good mood for a game. This is essential for a high quality match. Summer training is especially fit for college students since they do not need to study and can put forthmaximum efforts into preparing for next season.

Czech Republic is an optimalplace for summer football camp.

Many teams tend to go to different European countries, such as UK, Italy and Portugal, not taking into account that in Europe there are other great football fields, such as the Czech Republic.

History of the AC Sparta Prague football club:

  1. The team’s first appearance happened in 1893. In the past 10 years they won Czech National Cup 7 times.
  2. Admired by fans:
    • In the 1960s Sparta was very popular not only among Czech citizens, but also other Europeans. Their popularity was so high that the 40,000-seat stadium would sell out during their matches.
    • Members of this professional team are regular members of the Champion League.
  3. Other achievemnets:
    • 1 time Champion of Czech Republic and Morava
    • 7 times — Second place in Czech National Champoinships
    • 19 times — Czechoslovakia Cup Winner
    • 19 times — Champion of the Czech Republic
    • Famous Players: David Lafata – current Czech National team; Tomáš Rosický — member of the Czech National team 1998-2001 and currently plays for Arsenal; Petr Cech – Czech National team in 2001-2002, currently plays for Chelsea.

Czech Republic is the best place for university football team training!

Being aware of the achievements of the Czech national team there is no doubt in the high level of quality of the training. This is a great chance to take advantage of this opportunity!

Available opportunities during the football training in Czech Republic:

  1. Great prospect for developing personal skills;
  2. An oppportunity to combine training and a vacation. Beautiful city scapes and historical sites can be visited during free time. Training is carried out in a fabulous natural enviroment.
  3. The quality is a direct result of the physical and mental condition of the players. A Change of scenery, fresh air and beatiful natural surroundings will allow the players to clear their head and get into to the game. This is a great chance for students to relax after an exhausting year of studies.
  4. A healthy diet is an important aspect for any player and the training will put forth emphasis on it.
  5. A high quality turf is very important as it makes the training effective. The Czech Republic provides football fields fit for professional training. The team will use the field where world celebrities have played some of their most important matches.
  6. Players are offered acces to a fitness complex after the training: whirlpool, sauna, massage and other treatments, both pleasant and healthy for the football training.
  7. A cultural program will see that the players not only train physically, but also learn something new about European history and culture. The sightseeing tours will include world famous historical sites of the Czech Republic.
  8. Meet new people and make new friends around the world. Play with local football teams.


Your team will have all the oppourtunities to win

University students can be confident that the summer football training in the Czech Republic will give them excellent skills and experience in international sports.

It is all there for you:

Training camps are based near the cities. It is nice and easy to access by public transportation.

Accomodation is provided near the training camp. Each room includes bathroom facilities, a refrigerator and free Wi-Fi access.


Now that you know all the details about training in the Czech Republic, we hope you will make the right choice and come to spend the summer in its beautiful sport camps. Your team will have all it requires for high level training fit to make you real champions.