Does your heart skip a beat every time you watch the European Champions League matches? Can you evaluate the situation on the field in a glimpse of an eye? Have you ever thought that you could play better than that? Well, maybe it is time for you to become a part of the football world.

Today young athletes are often restricted by their studies in school, university or sport centres, where it is almost impossible to explore your full potential.

MSM International Football Academy was created exactly for this reason — to bring together young people from different countries in one of most beautiful cities of the world and give them a chance to play in European Championships on the same level as famous football players.

Do you think that it is too good to be true? Well you have a chance to see for yourself.

А) Soccer Academy – intensive training

  1. The training program has been developed based on professional level of the player. All students will be able to evaluate the game as strategy is an important part of their training.
  2. Professional coaches, with many years experience, will train the players and they will have a chance to try their new skills out in practice. In order to win a football match — they need to be able to control not only the ball, but also their own emotions.
  3. All students of the MSM International Football Academy in Prague understand that provoking of one player by the opponent may affect the whole team. The coaches pay a lot of attention to this impornant fact.
  4. Team work is the main focus of the program. European soccer leagues require students to understand the goal and work toward the interests of the team, in order to bring it to victory.

В) Soccer Academy – true professional sport

  1. Take a look at the pitches of European stadiums. Evaluate the quality of the sport centres and player skills. MSM International Football Academy in Prague has taken care of all the details. Young athletes train in the best conditions and gain a real chance to become professional players, to take part in youth football tournaments and fulfill their dream.
  2. Where do these possibilities come from? The answer is the valued partners which support the MSM Football Academy. These include Football Federations of Czech Republic, Prague, Moscow and Kiev, world famous brand «Nike», fitness centre chain WorldClass, as well as Czech representatives of «Jaguar» and «Land Rover».

С) Soccer Academy – incredible vacation

Even professionals need some time to relax and restore their energy for the next match. Soccer leagues require much more attention and concentration, than campus games and training.

Remember the beautiful scenes of Prague, the architecture of this fabulous city, it’s historical and cultural heritage. The picturesque streets of grey cobblestone have their own unique atmosphere of tranquility.

The program includes cultural events, as this will give the players a great chance to relax.

All soccer tournaments in Europe are open for you after Prague. If your name is on the list of our Academy — this means you have this lucky chance.

F) True prospects available for everyone

You live and breathe football? And do you have the skills? Do you want to go further? Then the International Football Academy in Prague is something you are looking for.

After you enhance your skills and will get a chance to showcase your talents — you will dfinetly be noticed. First you will play as a part of a famous team as it has been with graduates of the Academy, who have already signed their first contracts with AC Sparta Prague.

Then the youth football tournaments in Europe are waiting for you — this chance is given to the best players. After continuous trainings you will have all the necessary skills, and communication with your foreign friends will bring your knowledge of English to a new level. You will not have problems with a language barrier or self-confidence before an important match — this you will learn during your training in MSM International Football Academy.

Use your chance

As you can see, even most daring dreams may become a reality. All famous athletes have started from the basics at some point. You will get unique experience from football players who had brought victory to their teams.

Train in the best facilities with professional players and soon you will be able to get a place in a team which is preparing toward youth football tournaments in order to win.