Our partnership

our-partnership01In the 2013-2014 season FC Slavia launched the project of cooperation with the FC Admira, a team of the Czech Football League. Admira wasofficially granted the status of a farm club of Prague’s Slavia.

“The cooperation agreement applies not only to the main “A” teams, but also to all age categories from youth to double. With the possible transfer of players from Admira to Slavia or from Slavia to Admira, the teams must sign an agreement bilaterally,” said the sports director and board member of Slavia Miroslav Drzhmishek.

“Having such team as Slavia as a partner is definitely a historic moment for our club and especially for me, since I have been a fan of this team for many years. I am very glad about the beginning of this mutual cooperation “, said the director of FC Admira Zdenek Potuchek.

our-partnership02In 2014, the MSM International Football Academy signed a partnership agreement with FC Admira concerning close cooperation, football club trials and accepting players with the prospect of further development and subsequent opportunity for children to try their hand at one of the most famous clubs in the Czech Republic – Prague Slavia.

The main point of the agreement lies in in the summer viewing and training of the players on the fields of FC Admira by the experts of the club and by the director of Admira football academy. Young players who come to the MSM International Football Academy in July and August have the opportunity to receive an invitation to play for 1 year or 6 months in the FC Admira. During this period they will adapt to the cultural, linguistic, and athletic features of professional European football.

The participants of the program are entitled to priority viewing at FC Slavia, as well as at other teams of the Czech First League, such as Sparta, Dukla or Bohemians. This agreement was signed specifically for youth to have more time to reach optimal condition and show their srenths to the clubs in the Czech Republic.


For coaches and scouts it doesn’t matter where the player has played football before, his relationships with the previous coaches and teams , nor which country, city or village he comes from. Everything depends on the current levelof the player, and how hard he is ready to work to begin playing at a new and high-quality level.