Football School

football-school01It is said that nowadays in spite of all prospects and possibilities there are still young people who have chosen football. It’s not like other types of sports: they live and think only about matches and trainings.

In this regard there are offers which concern the athletic development of modern youth. The role of the players, the study of tactical modification, match details including possible emotional pressure and the start of your own career- all these possibilities are offered at football school.

But many parents insist that children should first pay attention to education and not to sport. Therefore unique programs were created based on summer football camps. Instead of looking for a part-time job or sending him to a coach, you can give a chance to your child to develop his talent.

Let’s have a look at the facts that prove that you should send your child to a summer football camp:

  1. Teenagers have a unique possibility to learn playing football under the keen guidance of well-known althletes who have gained practical valuable
  2. Future footballers can discover playing techniques which have brought popularity to the best athletes in Czech teams. As a result, MSM summer football school attracts the attention of young men from former-Soviet countries.
  3. An important factor for the popularity of the campsis the access to excellent technical facilities in European summer camps. Splendid stadiums, equipped training grounds, and serious approach from organizers – all these provide a possibility to develop really professional athletes.
  4. Children and teenagers are taught to love this kind of sport and not just to obtain medals .It helps to keep the spark during a game and desire to appear again and again on a playing ground to earn a victory for your team.

Of course, Ukraine, Russia and other Former Soviet Republics have their own sport centres but more and more often young men go abroad in search of new possibilities.

For this reason, the Czech Republic has opened summer football camps which put emphasis on the most important aspects of a training process:

Instant evaluation – Of course, before a match a team works through a selected strategy, but as it often happens in real life some force majeure can happen during a game. In this case it’s quite important to evaluate a situation and take an important strategic decision. This is the sort of experience you can get from your coach who has come through such situations. Afterwards, you can use this experience in practice during trainings, perfecting your skills and get ahead of the curve.

To achieve proper ball possession technique, as you know, it’s not enough to run fast. A footballer must be able to control the game without giving any possibility to the counterpart to seize the initiative. And summer football camp is a perfect place to bring this skill

Control over emotions –You have probably noticed that there are players in almost every football club who provoke footballers from other teams. To a greater extent it’s connected with the idea that a footballer can be disqualified, leaving a team without a technically strong player. Also, a moral pressure appears when footballers start protecting their own interests and forgets about the main object – to win the match. Czech summer camp works through even these outstanding problems in sport so that young athletes can learn the main strategies from the very beginning of their career. – One should always control his emotions without being provoked by the other team. This factor often helps seize a victory in the most important competitions.

Team cooperation – Football isn’t the kind of sport that is played with one player. Every footballer should fulfill his function and a set a goal before every game to lead a team to a victory. Consequently, in this summer camp a coach constantly speaks about the interaction between players which should remain throughout a match.

But perhaps the most important factor is a possibility to show your talents and provoke interest in famous clubs owners. Currently there are few young men who have taken part in summer football camp from the International Union of Youth who have gone on to sign contracts with the well-known football club “Sparta Prague”.

As you can see, football is not just a game with a ball, it’s a possibility to create your future and build a career at the European level. Summer football camp provides an opportunity for young people. If children and teenagers have a desire to take their place among professional players, these dreams should come true.