Pre-season soccer sessions


Almost all European clubs have an opinion that preparation for a new season should be conducted in the summer period because the warm weather helps football players to get rid of stress which they accumulate during the soccer season. Moreover it’s one more possibility for coaches and players to get a powerful energy boost, which will help them to play with dignity in the upcoming season.

Of course most of the teams prefer to go to the UK, Spain or Portugal for professional training camps considering that only there they can run good preparation for further matches.

Due to this stereotype many forget that other European cities can accept sport teams and provide them with nesessary conditions to organize high-level football training camps – and Prague is one of them.

A few facts about AC Sparta Prague

Perhaps it’s worth briefly reviewing the history of this football club because this club represented the Czech Republic during several centuries:

  • “Sparta Prague” was established in 1893 and during the last decade has become a champion in the Czech Republic 7 times;
  • Special attention should be paid to late 1960’s which is memorable not only to Czech citizens but other European citizens as well when such players as Mashek, Tichy and Kvashniak walked onto the field. Sparta stadium was jam packed although its capacity is 40, 000 spectators.
  • club-teams02By the way these three players got 2nd place in the World Cup when they played with the Czechoslovakia national team in Chile in 1962.
  • For a few decades this football club has ranked among the constant participants of the Champions League.
  • They won the “Czech Republic and Moravia Championship” Cup;
  • This football club won the Czechoslovakia Cup 19 times.
  • 7 times it was the Silver winner of the Czech Republic Championship.
  • This football club has won the Czech Republic Cup 19 times.

As you can see AC “Sparta Prague” has really established its reputation before the so why not try to organize trainings camps even for professional teams here in Prague?

Let’s have a look at main prospects and advantages of such a choice:

  1. There’s a possibility to get away from everyday life which allows you to devote yourself to the sport 100%.
  2. There’s wonderful climate in the Czech Republic and enough recreation possibilities through which football players can improve their state of health combining trainings with health-promoting activities.
  3. club-teams04The natural surroundings of beautiful places in the Czech Republic have a beneficial effect on professional footballers and also provide a change of scenery which is a perfect variant for holidays.
  4. A regular nourishment system helps players to psych up for upcoming matches and improve their state of health. Don’t forget to pay attention to fantastic technical possibilities which Czech fields possess: athletes are provided with well-equipped locker rooms, the best football fields maintained with the latest technology and all necassary facilities which result in effective trainings.
  5. Due to avariety of modern sport facilities one can improve not only ones profession-oriented skills but also take part in all kinds of active kinds. Fitness centers have sauna, whirlpool, massage room, so after an active training one can truly enjoy European leisure time.
  6. Elaborate entertainment program helps with stress management which has a positive effect on mood and training attitude.
  7. Football camp includes not only sport training but also interesting excursions which athletes get a unique possibility to get to know the best historical and architectural monuments of the country.
  8. Such kinds of meetings offer experience and participation in friendly games with local clubs, therefore theory can be applied in practice.

club-teams05Consequently, a lot of sportsmen aim at taking part in a football camp which is held in the Czech Republic to get results of European level.

Every sports centre is located next to the city and their sophisticated facilities are easily accessible. The overwhelming majority of footballers are accommodated in comfortable rooms which are equipped with modern WC’s, showers, a TV, a refrigerator and, of course, Wi-Fi is free of charge.

If a team wantsto improve their health and moral state, they need seriously consider sport centres in the Czech Republic and organize a football camp in one of them. This step will help them to get ready for a play-off, become more united, stronger and confident.

The International Football Academy in Prague offers from 1 and up to 4 week training camp for teams preparing for the season. This program is aimed at supporting your club to achieve its objectives and ambitions.

Program plan:

Day 1 – Team arrives to the airport and is personally greeted by our director.

Bus transfer to sports complex/residence in Prague

Day 2 – Acquaintance with the program

Football training

Walking tour around Prague

Day 3 – Morning & football training, free day (shopping, sightseeing, etc.)

Day 4 – Morning and evening football training

club-teams03Day 5 – Friendly football match

Entertaining program in the 2nd half of the day

Day 6 – Friendly football match

Afternoon group social activity

Day 7 – Full day excursion with a guide to places of historical and cultural interest

Day 8 – Morning and evening football trainings

Day 9 – Morning training session or optional free morning

Farewell party

Day 10 – Transfer to airport