Our mission


The International Football Academy in Prague, established in 2011, provides a range of captivating and effective youth programs to recruit and train young football players in cooperation with Sparta Prague Football Club. The main mission of the International Football Academy in Prague is to increase football popularity among young people, to provide high-quality training and coaching and the best facilities for everybody who wants to gain experience and  master football culture in  a beautiful city such as Prague. We are an organization which helps every person who is not indiferent to football and wants to learn, develop, compete, play and win in a new environment. Everyone is welcome to join us regardless of age, gender, background or skills.

Due to the well developed infrastructure and an advantageous geographical position of the Czech Republic, football fields with natural turf remain in excellent condition all year round. Partners of the Football Academy in Prague are: Football Federation of the Czech Republic, Football Federation of Kiev and Football Federation of Moscow, “SA-Football Agency” and the Prime Minister Series organization, with support of Jaguar, LandRover, TeamStore and one of the best networks fitness of the centers around the world – WorldClass!

All participants of the Football Academy in Prague will be given free membership to visit World Class fitness centre. Every week after trainings, friendly matches will take place with clubs from different divisions. On these matches trainers and managers from different football clubs will be present. Participants of our program have a chance to sign a full time contract with the football clubs not only in the Czech Republic but also with clubs from Italy, Israel and Thailand.

Football Academy in Prague is the real chance to start your professional football career in Europe!