Interview with the head of IFA MSM


Welcome to IFA, International Football Academy in Prague. We are happy to present you an interview with Yevgen Kolesnyk, the founder and executive director of academy.

Yevgen — Dear Mr. Kolesnyk, could you tell us what exactly the academy is?

— I’m really glad that I have such an exciting opportunity to answer all your questions concerning the academy.

The International Football Academy in Prague was set up in 2011 and provides a range of captivating and effective youth programs to recruit and develop young football players in partnership with the Prague Sparta Football Club. The primary mission of the  International Football Academy in Prague is to increase football popularity among young people, provide high-quality training and coaching, make football facilities available for any individuals or teams who would like to get experience and master football culture in a beautiful city such as Prague.  I wanted to create an organization which could help those who are not indifferent to football and want to learn, develop, compete, play and win in a new environment.

— What’s your football background if any?

— Frankly speaking, football is my life and my dream!  God gifted me with all the necessary skills  to play football but I have never tried to become a professional football player because I didn’t have an opportunity to play football on professional level. My family didn’t have the possibility to send me abroad to take part in soccer trials or enroll me into a football school at just the right time, but this desire, this teenage dream turned into an idea to establish a football academy which could give the opportunity to boys like me to test themselves in big-time sport! And I do hope that our academy will be a launching point into higher football league for many guys.

— What are the age requirements to become a student in your academy?

— Any person aged 13 to 30 regardless of gender, background or skills is welcomed to join our International Football Academy in Prague.

— Is it important where I live?

— Not at all! Our Academy is international what means that people from all over the world are welcome!

— Is your Academy available for university students?

— Yes, sure! It is not only for university students and teams. We cooperate with individuals and football teams as well giving them an opportunity to try themselves in soccer trials. What’s more, to participate in our programs you may be a professional football player or an amateur.

— How can I apply for visa and residence permit?

A complete document pack which is required to apply for a visa is sent by post to your school or university. When you come to the Czech Republic, our academy staff will help you to collect all documents to apply for a residence permit.

— Do other professional clubs except from IFA take part in teaching process?

— During every program(one month or 2-weeks) we have at least 3 technical evaluations in professional clubs. At the time of evaluation, players will have an opportunity to communicate with talent hunters and professional coaches as well as have soccer trials in local teams. This event will be attended by scouts from all major Czech (not only) professional leagues.

— Is the chance to take part in soccer trials abroad is one of the opportunities you provide young talents with?

— That’s right. Every year a lot of ambitious talented players come to us, which don’t have possibility to show themselves back home. That is why we offer them such a unique chance.

— What is included into the price?

— The fee includes accommodation in university dormitories, a transport ticket for all means of transport in Prague, football trainings within the program and meals. It’s quite easy to reach a training ground because it’s located not far from the city center.

— Could you tell us a few words about life in your academy?

— It’s worth mentioning that life in our Academy is remarkably interesting! First of all, we are the International Academy and it means that people from all continents and countries get together, play, communicate, exchange their football skills and just have fun! The Football Association of the Czech Republic gives us a chance to train on their fields. Therefore, Academy participants can feel like football stars and can be a good incentive for their bright future!

— What are your plans for the future?

— Everything is simple! We are planning to become a World International Football Center.

Thank you for your time! We are all looking forward to further success of the academy and the promotion of young talent into the best football teams!