About our Academy

The International Football Academy in Prague
brings young people from all over the world to Prague – the capital and the largest city in the Czech Republic, as well as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. We are partners with leading football clubs in Prague and the Czech Republic: Sparta, Slavia, Dukla, Bohemians, Viktoria, Admira, Meteor and Aritma. We are also partners with one of the best football academies in the world – FC Sparta Prague Academy. We provide our services both for groups (football teams) and individuals. What’s more, to participate in our programs you may be a professional football player or an amateur.

Football academy trials opportunity

In 2014, the MSM International Football Academy in Europe signed a partnership agreement with FC Admira concerning close cooperation, football club trials and accepting players with the prospect of further development and subsequent opportunity for children to try their hand at one of the most famous clubs in the Czech Republic – FC Slavia Prague.

The main priority of the International Soccer Academy in Prague is quality: equipment from world famous brands, high quality service and professional coaches – these are our standards.

Throughout the course we conduct trainings, team games, participation in tournaments, rich cultural and entertainment programs, as well as education courses. Our language program is focused on studying Czech and English languages. The football trainings are conducted on the campus of the best football club in the Czech Republic – SK Slavia Prague (www.slavia.cz). This football club is a constant participant of the Champions League, Europa League, Football Association of the Czech Republic (www.cmfs.cz), Central Bohemian Region Football Association (www.skfs.cz). It also has a partnership with NIKE sports brand.

The main target of this program is early season training of the professional football players, coming from academies in their home countries to improve their football skills, share experience, participate in games with foreign players and try themselves in try-outs for Czech football teams. We are always glad to welcome amateur football players in our academy who, would like to experience the real professional atmosphere of the European football clubs. Taking in consideration that the Czech Republic is member of the European Union, it is a great chance for you to start your career as a professional football player in Western Europe.

Active sports training is combined with English language course in our football school in Europe. In their free time players get a chance to enjoy the cultural program. Together with MSM coordinators you will become familiar with the culture of Czech Republic, visit its famous historical museums and monuments, as well as visit Dresden, Vienna, Berlin and Muncih for a one-day tour. You will have an exciting fun summer you will not forget!

At football Academy in Prague the future is in your hands!